OG Classic Fork EDC Pocket Pry Bar Multitool - Black Oxide

Teale Designs

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1/4 Inch Thick Stainless Steel

Black Oxide Finish 

Pocket Pry Bar Bottle Opener Multi-tool with Clip

Dewalt Double Bit

Extra Bands Included
EDC Pry Bar Bottle Opener Multi Tool Stainless Steel Pocket Clip Holiday Unique Gift Hand Tool Every Day Carry Gear

Black Oxide Disclaimer:

Black Oxide is a surface treatment, not a hard coating like paint or Cerakote.

A light clear coat is applied after to preserve the surface treatment, however,

Black Oxide items may show some areas of gray or less black areas, may not be 100% black coating.

As with any black oxide items (hardware etc) outer exposed edges are likely to wear with time.

Black Oxide items are more prone to wear especially around the edges, and after use will patina to a unique dark grey/black.